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League of Legends useful info

Today we will write about great and almost most popular in the world – League of Legends.

This game short name is LOL. Funny but its true. 🙂 Game is playing online and multiplayer where you need battle which each other and with teams. Game available only with broswers, and only for the apple MAC and PC windows computers. If you playing, you know game sometimes looks like starcraft or warcraft.

In lol you need creat your summoner. You can customize it and create by urself, then you can control champion. Game point is – destroy nexus. Dont think its easy you need good strategy and fast control your mouse, you need practice a lot and know what you doing. You can find lolnexus website in google. There a lot of information about league of legends.

Lol has launched in 2009 and this game still growing, so we will give some great information about this game and best stuff about it, like tutorials, downloads, videos, articles and more.


Link and stuff about lol


If you very social and have time to scroll facebook, there is official lol page in fb. There is not so useful info, but more funny and cool posts. I recommend to like if you have time to scroll facebook.

Another great link – youtube channel about lol. There you will find such a great viideos about league of legends. You will see videos about new champions, video about updates and some tournaments or championships. Its great place not only have fun but learn and get useful information while wathcing youtube videos.

If you like history, and read some thin info, sorry, huge info but boring, i recommend for you read wikipedia about legue of legends. There you will find info about game developers, offices, awards or just about lol gameplay. If you like info like wiki, please go direct to there.

One great page about league of legends, maybe more not page but forum or discussion room – reddit. There are fresh info, players experience and more questions and answers.


More in about league of legends later

lol logo

Im tired, you not? 🙂 Maybe next time i will try to give more info and links about league of legends. And i will try give more downloads and stuff like counters or other useful info. This time thats it, bye, see you later! Dont forget to come back to our site about lol, dont forget to read your links which posted above, and dont forget to play best game in the world online – league of legends!


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